Living Onmyoudo

Yin & Yang, Personified.

Welcome to Living Onmyoudo, a tribute and the TAFL-approved fanlisting for the relationship between CLAMP's original and best twins, Tokyo Babylon/X's vibrant sweet heart Sumeragi Hokuto and darling onmyouji Subaru Sumeragi. Two halves of one whole, a whole which is shattered by fate for love and hope, the Sumeragi twins have one of the most tragic, yet truly most fascinating stories in CLAMP's oeuvre, and their relationship is both subtly complicated and stronger than a rock -- a fact which only compounds the ultimate tragedy of both brother and sister. If you're a fan of the dynamic between Hokuto and Subaru, please do consider joining their fanlisting!

Living Onmyoudo is currently under open construction; the launch of the fanlisting can be considered a pre-opening of sorts. I hope to have the site officially opened by February 19, 2024 -- what would have been the twins' 50th (!!) birthdays. ♥


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You're viewing version 1 of Living Onmyoudo, yin. yang., featuring various illustrations found in various issues of CLAMP News, scanned in by yours truly. It should be able to be viewed on all devices at all resolutions, but if this isn't the case for you, please do take a screenshot and send it to me, and I'll see if I can fix it ASAP!